Sunday School

Sunday School starts at 9:00 AM every Sunday

Bible Used

  • New Revised Standard Version(NRSV)


Books Used

  • Mar Thoma Sunday school Curriculum
  • Foundation & Vision(Lessons on the Mar Thoma Church)

Here are the lessons from the Curriculum rewrite project


Upcoming Events:

  •   1. New Sunday School  year starts on 28th Aug. Those of you who know of small children (3yrs or above) who are
    not already registered to SS, pass the word around and  encourage them to register their children.

        2. Students and teachers dedication will be on Sept. 4th
        3. On 28th August we will have our local Talent festival at 1:00pm. Please encourage the children to participate
    in all given category and give names of students . You will   find  the  individual group items and the rules in
    the link below



 Exam Grading:

  • In the last teachers meeting on Jan 10 2016 it is decided that we will follow the same grading system of the Diocese for our internal exams. As per the decision merit shall be granted as gold, silver, and bronze in place of 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions
  • 90 and above     Gold
    80-89                Silver
    70-79                Bronze
    60-69                Pass
    Below 60           Needs improvement
    The eligibility for the grades 5th thru 10 to appear for diocesan exams is to secure a minimum of 60 points in the mid term exam.
    Teachers body has also agreed that if a student was not able to appear for the mid term due to unforeseen circumstances, he/she would retake the exam with the consent of the vicar.  In such cases, 10 points will be reduced while considering the annual grades.

For details on Sunday School/Events ,contact Mrs. Susan Cherian – Superintendent. Click here for the contact form. Please mention ‘Addressed to Sunday School Superintendent’ in the subject line.