Youth Fellowship

 Events :


During 1st Sundays, we will be having youth meetings after church to meditate on the Bible and discuss current events.

During 3rd Sundays, we will be meeting for quick youth updates.

Office Bearers for the Year 2018


Here are  the 2018 youth office bearers.

  • Youth Vice President: Joel Sajan
  • Youth Secretary: Paul Issac
  • Youth Joint Secretary: Johan Sajan
  • Youth Treasurer: Vivek Cherian
  • Auditor: Pranav George
  • NERYF Regional Representative: Neha Mathew
  • High School Representatives: Josh Cherian, Akhila John
  • College Representatives:Vivek Cherian, Sarina Simon
  • Youth Choir Coordinator: Neha Mathew
  • Youth Representative at Executive Commitee: Arun Iype