Parish Study Forum

The Parish Study Forum was started by Carmel Mar Thoma Church in 2013 with the conviction that every member of the parish can teach and learn and that for a Christian, study should be a life-long activity. Our parishioners offer their enthusiastic support for this venture as on an average 50 - 60 people attend a session of the Forum. The Forum generally meets on the first Sunday of every month. We follow a systematic methodology. Each session is focused on a theme and the discussion there is led by a resource person. The leader is requested to provide a synopsis of his/her presentation along with references for further reading. These materials are circulated among the parishioners beforehand so that they come prepared. Lively discussions follow the presentation by the leader. The proceedings of a session are recorded and are later edited and circulated among the members. The sessions are generally led by our own parishioners though occasionally we have guest speakers.   

Dr. Jesudas Athyal is the Coordinator of the Parish Study Forum. Please download the below file to learn more about the sessions of the Forum during the last five years along with the names of the leaders and the topics discussed.

Parish Study Form Downloads

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