Sunday School

VBS 2019: June 14-16


Theme - Moose on the Loose: Discovering God's forgiveness



Every Sunday @ 9am (Sep - May)

Regional Talent Show


Sep 15, 2018 - NY

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven b

Every child born into this world is a promise of God. The Sunday School of the Carmel Mar Thoma Church ministers to all children of the Sunday School from ages 3 to 17. It functions with the motto, “Come to Jesus, bring every child to Jesus”. Our Sunday school has 70 children and 14 teachers. Mr. Vinod Johnson serves as the Superintendent of the Sunday School under the guidance of our Vicar Rev. Thomas John. Our Sunday School meets at 9am every Sunday at the basement of our church. After songs and worship our kids disperse into classes where lessons for the day are taught. The curriculum of the Mar Thoma Church prepared by the Diocese of North America and Europe is followed in these classes. In addition to Biblical lessons they are also taught about the faith and practices of the Mar Thoma Church. Further our children take part in competitions at the parish and regional levels, attend camps, VBS and other programss ) during the year. Our children are an important part of all our church programs. These kids actively participate in the worship of the church. We strive to give them a holistic Christian education that would make them a blessing to their families and prepare them for a responsible future where they would take on major roles in the church and society.

  • Bible Used 
    • New Revised Standard Version(NRSV)     
  • Books Used   
    • Mar Thoma Sunday School Curriculum   
    • Mar Thoma Foundation & Vision

Office bearers: 

  • President: Rev. Thomas John  
  • Superintendent: Mrs. Saji Varghese
  • Treasurer: Mr. Noble Mathew 
  • Secretary: Mrs. Sheba Oommen
  • Teachers :     
    • Nursery - Sheena Simon
    • KG - Maya Paulose
    • 1a   -  Diana Sebastin 
    • 1b   - Thankam George
    • 2nd - Nobel Mathew 
    • 3a   - Nisha Mathew   
    • 3b  - Daisy Mathew  
    • 4th - Miriam Varughese
    • 5th - Anisha Oommen
    • 6th - Saji Varghese  
    • 7th - Mareen George  
    • 8th - Eugene Varughese
    • 9th - Cecil Thomas  
    • 10th - Tinku Alex
    • 11th & 12th - Sheba Oommen
    • Substitute Teachers
      • Bobe Simon
      • Saji Varghese
      • Remi Kurian